• A small company with several ferries, located at Tiengemeten. I've created the logo, 2 different website styles (where the client could make his favorite choice).

    After finishing the styling, I've added jQuery and some .NET code for the ships page and the Contact Form.


  • A website about 1 of the dogs of a good friend of mine. It all started in 2003. His site was for me the perfect way to start with jQuery.

    After some random plugins were implemented in this website, the character of this site has been made.


  • This design was made somewhere 2002. After 3 years, another party has taken over the project and the design went offline.

    But still, the design had a very nice and soft character. Perhaps someday in the future, I can take back the project and may continue my job, from were I left.

  • A design for 1 of my colleagues @ Tellus. The idea of setting up a portal for all different kind of events, resulted in this kind of design.

    The project itself is more of a hobby, and takes some more time then usual. Result: the project will take about 3 years, when it comes to the online state.